Toddler Room (2-3)

Toddlers are curious about the people and environment around them.

They learn through exploring, experimenting and educator’s prompt respond.

Our educators respect and respond to children’s cues and interests, reinforces developments through music time, scene plays, short stories reading  time. Each day our small group time allows young child to make connections, it’s an effective way of learning since individual’s activities are more focused.

We work to foster their interpersonal skills such as listening, learning how to treat one another, they will explore concepts such as sharing, turn-taking, conflict resolution and emotional resilience, developing empathy, emotion management typically in dealing with frustration, problem solving techniques and manners. This all contributes to toddlers becoming confident learners.

As toddlers strive for independence, our programs assist children to grow in their autonomy, self-help skills and independence.

We implement exploratory activities that invite creative, ‘hands-on’ interaction with a variety of materials, that allow for ‘trial and error’ learning and that encourage expressive and receptive language use.

Our educators will guide these life skills by modelling positive relationships and appropriate emotional expression.

“They offer toddlers a chance to socialise with other youngsters and offer them the opportunity to participate in group activities they might not be able to do at home.”

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