Preschool Room (3-5)

Preschoolers enjoy being involved in tasks and activities that extend over several days, providing the opportunity to explore them in greater depth.

Little Genius Cottage offers high-quality preschool curriculum. Their long operating hours allow us to spend more time at work and other family commitments while our children play, learn and social at school”

Our preschool curriculum allows children to concentrate for a longer period of time, exploring, repeating and investigating situations until their curiosity is satisfied. Benefits include:

  • Fostering an early passion for learning
  • Socialization and improve social-emotional skills to interact with others with diverse backgrounds
  • Arousing curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills
  • Promoting language development and vocabulary
  • Improving gross and fine motor skills

Preschool is much more about developing social-emotional skills than it is about developing academic skills . These social-emotional skills include learning to share and take turns, showing empathy for classmates and self-regulating their own strong emotions. Without skills like these, children will have a hard time moving on to academic achievement in later years.
Dr. Yares

Our thoroughly planned pre school programs include a variety of activities such as

Our program comprises a mixture of structured and unstructured play experiences, incorporating both educator-initiated experiences and independent indoor and outdoor play.

Children are freely to choose what they want to do, how to play – alone or with friends- and more importantly, spend as much time as they wish to become engrossed in what they are doing.

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This approach in conjunction with a calm atmosphere in the setting, result in a significant improvement on cognitive function, better social skills, high level of self-assertion and a decrease in instances of negative behaviour.

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