Our Curriculum

Our play-based curriculum is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), to ensure that every individual child enjoys education and reaches their full potential.  We aim to provide an exciting, varied and fun curriculum which responds to the children’s needs and interests.


is knowing where they belong and who they belong with. Children belong first to a family, a cultural, a neighborhood then a wider community. Children feel belong when they form relationships and connections within  these groups, which builds a solid foundation in defining who they can become.


indicates that early year learning shapes and reshapes children’s identity, interests, skills, capacity and relationship, and eventually making them the kind of adult they will become.


emphasizes living in present. Childhood is the critical path leads to the future. More importantly, it’s an invaluable period when children are entitled to play, to explore, to challenge, to build meaningful relationships and to get rewarded.

EYLF focus on how educators in partnership with families and communities to support children to grow and learn naturally. Little Genius Cottage facilitates learning programs to ensure each child to achieve the EYLF’s five learning outcomes.

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