Our Curriculum

The Little Genius Early Childhood Education School Readiness curriculum focuses on assisting children’s development by increasing their confidence and independence prior to starting school. During our School Readiness Program, we will encourage children’s involvement in the communities around us in order to help them become an active part of the community.

Cognitive and pre language skills

  • Identify letters, sounds and vowels
  • Understand and identify words through shared reading
  • Name recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Implementation of numbers in daily life

Social Skills

  • Learn to build relationship with peers and educators
  • Being able to wait and take turns
  • Engage in cooperative play
  • Manage emotions
  • Following instructions

Physical Skills

  • Fine motor skills (ability to grip a pencil, scissors, paintbrush and glue)
  • Spatial awareness (climbing, crawling, jumping etc)
  • Self help skills

Building Confidence

  • Big School Ready
  • School buddy allocations
  • Practice uniforms
  • Practice opening lunchbox
  • Show and tell
  • Practice locks
  • Local school visits

Toilet Ready Program

  • Is my child ready?
  • Supporting you including understanding of individual preferences
  • Prompting every 30 mins
  • Ensuring change of clothes ready
  • Teaching them to wipe themselves, flush and wash hands

EYLF focus on how educators in partnership with families and communities to support children to grow and learn naturally. Little Genius Cottage facilitates learning programs to ensure each child to achieve the EYLF’s five learning outcomes.

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